Wireless Uplighting at The Riverview
This option for uplighting allows you to light an entire room the color of your choosing with the ease of being wireless. An example of uplighting with custom monogram at The Riverview in Simsbury
The Society Room In Hartford
Scroll to see the ballroom with our wireless uplighting!
The Society Room in Hartford
With wireless uplighting you have the option to change lights throughout the night, here is the example of amber and blue options
Wireless uplighting at Cascade 
Transformation is accomplished with wireless uplighting, 250 colors are available including amber. Color changes can easily be done with computer controls. 
Enhance your photos
Uplighting can be used to help bring your images to life. 
Match your decor 
Use uplighting to create the breath taking atmosphere you are looking for. This is an example of blue uplighting at Cascade.
Uplighting at Wadsworth Mansion
Enhance the decor to any room. Accenting the beautiful fireplace always helps
Amber uplighting 
 The Riverview 
Amber can create a classic look and feel
An example of our Moving Heads Intelligent Lighting (used at appropriate times)


Jacqueline and Scott
We truly enjoy being a part of capturing everlasting memories. We have a passion for going above and beyond the call of duty. Helping you bustle or sewing a dress are just par for the course. We have your back every step of the way.
Stephanie's smile 
Reading a letter from her soon to be husband was sure to bring this heartfelt smile.
Love is in the air @ Woodwinds
Taking a moment to escape the party to capture this beautiful nighttime moment. Just the two of them
Alyssa and Mike embrace during their nighttime shots in the gazebo.
Photography Information Sheets
We use these to make sure we do not miss a shot!
Dont forget...
We want to make sure we can capture every moment of your day. 


Premier package at Woodwinds
This is a DJ set up In the Firelight room at Woodwinds. All of our speaker stands are covered for the professional clean cut look.
Aria Ballroom B
Here is a full sound system setup at Aria showing our Signature Entertainment Package which includes full sound system with wireless microphones, additional sound system and lapel microphones for ceremony, subwoofer, and up to 6 hours.   
Additional sound system for ceremony
We provide additional systems for ceremonies on site. At Waterview on the grounds of the West Ballroom. 
Lavaliere / Lapel Microphone 
Both the Officiant and Groom will have a lapel microphone to ensure the best sound and to keep your photos clear of distractions.
Mic and Audio support for Ceremonies
We provide pre ceremony, processional and recessional music. Lapel microphones are also available to improve sound and no obstruction in your memorable photos. Additional microphones are offered to anyone giving a reading. Ceremony at Madison Beach Hotel.
Wireless Speakers
To use to ensure your guests can enjoy the music in any area they may be. They are shown here at the Wadsworth Mansion.
MC and DJ
Here is the signature entertainment package at Woodwinds in the Garden Room with an MC and DJ.   This is also an example of the attire that we wear for your wedding.  Michael and Duane looking sharp!
Behind the scenes set up and reception
Premium sound system at Aria ballroom A
Upgrade to our premium sound package. Highly suggested in a ballroom with a guest count of 200 or more. 
Pavillion At Crystal Lake
The top image is a ceremony setup for an outdoor ceremony at the gazebo the lower image is the reception set up on the stage
DJ setup at Waterview
This is a behind the scenes view of one of our DJ setups along with uplighting. 
Waterview (East)
Ceremony setup with the DJ booth just behind the shrubs 
St Clements Castle
DJ set up in the Prince Edward ballroom 
The Society Room
DJ with uplighting set up for reception at The Society Room in Hartford
We Love To Travel!
Block Island
We are always happy to travel to a new location we go all over New England, New York, Mexico, and the Caribbean to name a few!
The Pond House
Behind the DJ booth at the pond house  at elizabeth park.
St Clements Castle
Ceremony location 
Pipe And Drape
We can make the space look however you want! Here is an example of pipe and drape at The Beardsley Zoo.
A Lights Camera DJs exclusive! This is a great way to be able to thank your family and friends for all that they do, we record it before hand with you and then play it during your reception. 
Planning Materials
We use the information sheets to make sure we have all the information for you special day.


Photo Booth Kiosk
Make your event a hit with a photo booth kiosk!This fits approximately 6-8 people and gives you the option of color or B&W photo strips. 
Social sharing , custom backdrops, and multiple copies are some of the upgrades avail with the photo booth kiosk. 
Enclosed Photo Booth
Grab your friends and snap some pics! With a side viewing screen and multiple copies this booth is bound to be a hit at your wedding. It fits 3-4 people comfortably but more are welcomed.
Customize your welcome screen
Our enclosed photobooths make it possible to create a welcome screen to wow your guests. 
Custom photo strips
You can customize the background the font and date! 
Check out our magic mirror booth in action!
Magic Mirror : Customize Your Pictures
You can choose the frame theme for your pictures! With the Magic mirror photo booth you get three images in a 4x6 size print.
Custom Photobooth Backdrops
We have options to customize the background of your photo booth pictures
Wether it be romantic, rustic we have the right backdrop for you !
Props and Guestbook 
These are included with every photo booth. The guestbook is filled with pictures and signatures which make a great keepsake. You will then get to take this home at the end of the night! 
Our newest photo booth!!


I love you to the moon and back 
GOBO monograms can be used to add stars, the moon and much more. Custom monogram at The Riverview in Simsbury.
Jo- Ann & Mario
Customized gobo with uplighting for their first dance at Cascade
Customize your wedding with a GOBO monogram. Full names, Initials and wedding date are available options.
Christina And Christopher
Custom monogram at Bill Miller’s Castle 
Lodge at Maneelys 
First dance as husband and wife with a custom monogram on the wall.
I am the batman
Bring out the kid in you with Super hero gobo monograms.
Monogram At Aria Ballroom A
Custom Gobo monogram looks amazing day and night!!
Marquee Events At G.Fox Ballroom
Gobo Monogram on floor in front of DJ set up
Gobo Monogram
Aria ballroom B 
Gobo Monogram
The Society Room ballroom with a custom gobo monogram and DJ setup with uplighting
A tale as old as time 
Lanterns floating through the sky
Vicki and Kevin brought the night sky to their wedding 
Animated Monogram
Pacman and Mrs. Pacman
Animated Monogram
Winter wedding 


Sarah and Philip teaser
Bill Millers Castle
Melissa and Jay teaser
The Barns at Wesleyan Hills
Corey and Diana teaser
The Lodge at Maneely's
The Society Room
Wedding Collection
Many options to chose from to capture your perfect day.


Tv’s setup next to the DJ Booth with a custom monogram
TV's at your sweetheart table
Place a TV on either side of your table and have a slide show going during dinner
Projection screens
Projection screens also avail for slide shows and presentations