BY: SLOAN Martin
Native American Music developed all across North America to Canada.     Over time Indigenous music has developed over time into many different genres of music
Drumming is used in both singing and dancing. Drums represented the  human heart beat.           Grounds or other hollowed out plant materials are used to make percussion instruments like rattles, shakers and bells. Hooves were used as bells as well. Wind instruments and string instruments are used for ceremonial purposes.
Style Of Music
Native American artist create music mainly for meditation, ceremonial, healing and expression much less for entertainment . This genre of music is called Ambient/New Age or world music
Types Of Singing
The primary instruments in Native culture is the human voice. May sound like chanting to our ears. The singing also have language vocalbes meaning non-words or a combo of 2. Their where rarely any melodies used. The rhythms are usually irregular and sometimes off key. NO HARMONY 
Throats singing (AKA Overtone singing)was mainly practiced by the Inuits. A mixture of husky chanting and low growling.
Movies like Peter Pan and Pocahontas are examples of historically inaccurate representations of Native American Music. A lot of them are stereotypical representations of Indigenous people cupping their mouth and woo wooing is not a tradition practiced my Indigenous people across the nation.
Barbra McAlister(Cherokee)
Is a famous Native American opera singer who performed in Hong Kong,Spain etc. She also performed with Germany Rep Opera companies. She is a recipient of the Cherokee Medal of Honor.
David R. Maracle ( Mohawk)
David was never a musician in the beginning. He was a sculptor then he started to turn to music. He realized he can get his message across through people with music. Not only he is a singer-song writer  he has mastered at playing many instruments. He is a 5 time CAMA Award winner. His golden record was spirit of the flutes
Jerod Tate (Chickasaw)
A classical composer and pianist. He was nominated for Independent music award for best album.
The most popular artist we listen to are from a Native American heritage they just don't talk about them. Like Kid Cudi, Cher, Jimmi Hendrix etc.