Good Land Growers
A Real Difference
Though never a blueberry fan, I fell in love with our berries from my very first taste. They were just bursting with flavor. Nothing like the dull, practically flavorless berries from the grocery store.  And I believe remaining untouched by man's hand for at least two years made a difference you could see, smell, and taste.
Minimum Input
There are a lot of reasons for us to limit our inputs such as putting our time to better use, cutting costs, and allowing nature to do it's thing.  But ultimately minimum input produces maximum benefit to the soil, to the plants, to the animals, and to our community.
Maximum Benefit
More than 90 percent of plant species have a naturally occurring symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizae. These fungal filaments can be several miles long and perform vital functions such as dissolving tightly bound soil nutrients, adjusting soil PH, and even helping plants warn others of certain pests and diseases.

To foster and protect this relationship we limit our inputs as much as possible.  Erosion, tillage, cultivation, compaction, and other human activities destroy these beneficial fungi which are slow to colonize once disrupted. Intensively farmed plants don’t develop mycorrhizae and are typically less healthy
The Proof is in the Pudding
Don't take our word for it, come try it for yourself.